Manoj Khatore M.D. FACC, Cardiologist in Ventura County
Dr. Manoj Khatore is a Cardiologist who has been serving the Ventura County area for over 13 years. His patients come to him for his vast knowledge and experience in the medical field, but they remain life-long patients because of his caring and compassionate dedication to the well being of each individual.

Dr. Khatore, Ventura County Cardiologist

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When considering a cardiologist in Ventura County, timely and accurate diagnosis, rapid initiation and close monitoring of the best treatment option and a personalized, honest and straightforward approach to care is what is most desired by patients. When an illness strikes your heart, it can be a very intimidating experience. When you or your loved ones are unwell, you want the very best, experienced and caring cardiologist in Ventura County on your side and taking charge. Use of the latest and very targeted diagnostic methods with an eye for patient safety, familiarity with the state of the art care and easy access to the cardiologist and the staff define our practice. We have provided care for heart patients since 1998 in Oxnard and Ventura County.

Our office staff regularly receives complements from the patients we serve about their efficiency, friendliness and desire to help. Our practice is infused with these qualities under the direction and nurturing of Dr. Khatore. Since completing his training in Cardiology from the University of Illinois, Chicago, he has been engaged in the care of patients in Oxnard abd Ventura County.. He is board certified in the field of Cardiovascular Medicine. Dr. Khatore is respected by his peers and has achieved the highest professional degree awarded to cardiologists (FACC). His professional time is spent attending to patients between his office and St. John Regional Medical Center, Oxnard, where he is an active staff member.


Dr. Khatore has been serving patients in Southern California and Ventura County for over 13 years. He has been recognized by the medical community as a leader in his field, and is an active staff member at The St. John Regional Medical Center in Oxnard.


Dr. Khatore is a leading authority in Cardiology in Ventura County, having completed training from the University of Illinois, Chicago, and is board certified in the field of Cardiovascular Medicine.

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Dr. Khatore cares deeply for every one of his patients, taking the extra time and dedication to ensure their health and well-being. He listens to his patients, giving his time and expertise to answer questions and resolve all of his patients concerns.
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  • "Dr. Khatore is the best of the best. He is knowledgeable, caring and compassionate. Good qualities for a physician to have. He has worked with me for my heart problems and found good treatments. I have greatly benefited from his expertise."
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